About Us

Hi my name is  Alex, I started this blog to help other Gen Ys and hopefully to generate discussion about money matters .I discovered that most of the stuff I needed to know about money was not taught at school and even though I went to university I was still none the wiser!

When I comdebt consoladationpleted my university degree I left home and to be honest I went a bit wild with my spending. Soon enough I had racked up a $3,000 credit card bill and even though I was meeting the minimum payment, I wasn’t getting ahead. I had also had a personal loan for my new car and had a debt associated with my university studies. I was just starting out and I was already had sizeable debt and not much in the way of savings. If an emergency had struck, I would be in serious trouble.

Over the coming months I will be looking into budgeting and different types of debt. Please note the posts on this website are for information only, I am not a financial expert. Others who contribute are also only sharing their experiences so we may learn from each other and not make major mistakes. Your goals, objectives and personal experiences have not been taken into account and for further help please consult an expert in the relevant area (financial planner, accountant etc). I hope you find this information helpful.